Multi-Technical Services

MTS Communication Products designs and manufactures products that are primarily used in the transmission, reception, or delivery of Warning Information to the public. From EAS Software used on the Emergency Managers Desktop, to the Weather Receiver on the front desk in the Elementary School, to the 10 Watt Travelers Information Station and Highway Advisory Radio System that provides you with road construction information or Hurricane evacuation information, to monitor receivers in homes, businesses and schools located near community hazards such as Nuclear Facilities, Hazardous Waste Incinerators, Chemical Plants and Stockpiles, munitions depots, and other military facilities

MTS has products to deliver Warning Information.

MTS also designs and manufactures custom products to meet your needs. Communication, IT, RF, Consumer, Musical Instrument Accessories, Test and Measurement Facilities, Motion Control, and many other types of devices and systems are brought to life at MTS to make your life better.

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